Korálky Nursery and kindergarten | Prague

Our goal is for the little ones to enjoy their time without their mommy and daddy, but at the same time for the parents to know that their children are in a safe and loving environment. We offer bilingual Czech-English programme, and we love using the „messy-play“ method. We are not babysitters; we are a professional facility for children from one year of age.


Where you can find us

Bucharova 1314/8


Contact person

Jana Faltýnková
730 187 484



How does it work?

The rhythm and daily routine of our nursery allows children to explore the world safely and freely.

Our schedule

08:00–09:00 Daily activities, children’s arrival
09:00–09:30 1.programme of the day – music education, physical education (led in English)
09:30 – 10:00 Hygiene, snack time
10:00–10:30 2.programme of the day – arts and crafts (led in English)
10:30–11:30 Time spent outside
11:30–12:00 Hygiene, lunch time
12:00–12:30 Going home, getting ready for bed
12:30–14:30 Nap time
14:30–15:00 Hygiene, snack time
15:00–16:30 Daily activities, going home

Why should you choose our nursery?

  • The daily programme is adjusted based on the needs of the youngest, who step by step, with the adults behind their backs, explore the terrain.
  • We often use the „messy play“ method and explore the world using all our senses.
  • Our facilities are in modern premises.
  • Our bilingual environment supports children’s ability to learn a foreign language simply by being in contact with it.
  • Messy Play

  • Czech-English environment

  • Modern premises

  • Children from one year of age

They take care of your children

Jana Faltýnková director and nanny
I am a guide through the children's world in English. In the past, I have worked in schools in the UK, where I supported children with special needs in learning and improving social skills. My job was to create an environment for them where they would get enough attention and care – which I still do today. I approach children with patience, love and compassion.
Natálie Kovářová nanny
I always have had children around me. I studied social work and thanks to my school practice I got the chance to see kindergarten or a children's home during my studies. Previously, I also worked in the children's playroom and led a cooking and pottery club. Today I train children to dance and prepare them for various dance competitions. Working in a children's group is my daily joy.
Jana Poděbradská nanny
It is an honor to be part of a team that cares for children with love, tenderness and patience. I am not only a children's guide, but also an instructor of aroma yin yoga and children's yoga, so my role in our group is clear – to move together. You wouldn't guess that I studied food science. I also lived in Calgary for a year. But more about that another time
Renáta Jedličková nanny
I am optimistic, patient and creative. I like to look at the world through children's eyes. The little ones always surprise me with something and I like their honesty. Being a guide in a children's group is a job for me that makes sense and that fulfills me. I can no longer imagine life without Korálky and all the joys that go with them.
Yevheniia Tymchyshyn nanny
I came from Ukraine, where I am currently studying the last year of the Faculty of Education with a focus on English language and literature. My friends call me "Ženja". Children are my joy, so I'm happy to have a job where they come first. In addition, I can speak english with them and make use of my knowledge from school. What more could I ask for?
Jana Dulková nanny
I have many years of experience in learning English – as a teacher I taught children in kindergarten, school and afternoon clubs. I enjoy working with them immensely and I often devote myself to them even in my free time, when we go on various trips together. Children are just an integral part of my life and it doesn't matter if it's morning or afternoon, Monday or Sunday.
Irena Lukešová nanny
Children inspire me every day and recharge me with energy, so I would compare working in a children's group to fulfilling a big dream. I go to work feeling like what I'm doing really makes sense. I enjoy teaching children new things and watching their development and progress. Smiles on children's faces really can make a day wonderful.
Tereza Habruňová nanny
My name is Tereza. After high school, I babysat children in England for several months, then taught for 7 years in a kindergarten while graduating from a pedagogical college. I am now on parental leave with my son Tonda. My hobbies include music and sports, which I also try to apply when working with children. However, I do not avoid other activities, always according to the interest and needs of children.
Even without their parents, children can have a great day.

Our premises


Your children are only a few formalities away from starting to attend our nursery. Please, print out the attached documents and send them to us. Meanwhile, we will prepare a welcoming surprise for your daughter/your son.

Come have a look!

You already have an idea of who we are and how it works but it would be for the best if you could come and have a look. The atmosphere in our nurseries needs to be experienced in person. Even the best virtual tour cannot replace personal contact.

We hope to see you soon…