Little Heroes Nursery | Prague 5

We are preparing new nursery (Prague 5). In a family environment full of Montessori aids and toys, we prepare little heroes for life in the big world. Our programme is bilingual, so children from the age of one, the period in which they are linguistically most receptive, can get to know a language that is different from their mother tongue.


Where you can find us

Praha 5

Contact person

Mgr. Michaela Blahovcová
605 367 182



How does it work?

The rhythm and daily routine of our nursery allows children to explore the world safely and freely.

Our schedule

08:00–09:45 Children’s arrival, daily activities, morning circle time
09:45–10:15 Hygiene, snack time
10:15–11:15 Time spent outside (in any weather condition)
11:30–12:00 Hygiene, lunch time
12:00–12:30 Pick-up time
12:30–13:30 Nap time
13:30–15:00 Hygiene, snack time, afternoon activities – Montessori activities, activities in English
15:00-17:00 Daily activities, afternoon pick-up time

Why should you choose our nursery?

  • We are planning a meeting for parents.
  • We utilize Montessori pedagogy, where our guides support children in developing various skills and learning about the world.
  • We offer a Czech-English environment, in which we care about what we say and how we say it.
  • We prepare high-quality organic food.
  • Montesorri pedagogy

  • Villa with a garden

  • Czech-English environment

  • Respectful approach

They take care of your children

Mgr. Michaela Blahovcová the headmistress
I am a mum of two inquisitive boys. Thanks to them my horizons are constantly expanding. Montessori pedagogy showed me how to return to an authentic approach to children, how to naturally develop their abilities, how to support their creativity and desire to learn new things. Before I finished my studies at sociology and became a Montessori guide, I lived and worked in England for couple of years. I was able to get several Cambridge certificates and English became a matter of my heart. So working at Little Heroes is my dream come true. It is a place where I can apply everything I have learned and what fulfills me.
Nikola Císařovská nanny
After graduating from high school and after studying at a language school, I decided to take care of children in the USA. I spent two years taking care of the children to whom I used to create activities for the leisure program and also I created the conditions for teaching the Czech language, because the children's mum is Czech. This experience confirmed that I want to continue working in childcare and further develop myself in this field. Little Heroes appealed to me with their educational program and approach to children, so I decided to be nanny of Little Heroes.
Veronika Brezani nanny
Children are my partners with whom I like to create and discover the world. I used to look after children as a nanny in homes, but working in a nursery adds another and more meaningful dimension to my perspective. In my further studies, I would like to focus on different forms of teaching, education and approaches to children. English is also a great hobby of mine and I am very happy to be able to accompany the children in the class during the day in English.
Jelena Zadniprjana nanny
I was born and grew up in Riga, where I graduated from the dance conservatory. Since 2005 I have been living in the Czech Republic and my professional life is dedicated to working with children of different ages in the dance field. An important contribution and a great experience in my practice was raising my daughter. For the last 4 years I have been running a private international kindergarten, including rhythmic and English lessons. I complemented the skills I acquired with a retraining course for nannies. I support the established Montessori principles and treat children as individuals who need a respectful guide on their journey of discovery and exploration.
Barbora Jurtíková nanny
I graduated from high school in Canada, which has given me a lot in life. With excellent English skills, friends from all over the world, experiences, and various insights into raising up children. I enjoy working with children because they are sincere, spontaneous, and every day with them is a new opportunity for discovery. Outside of work, I have pursued my professional career in football, playing for SK Sigma Olomouc since childhood, where I also obtained my coaching license, allowing me to train children and pass on my experiences to them. I have always had a love for children, but true love was passed on to me by my little brother, who was born in 2023.
Olha Dobush nanny and housewife
I enthusiastically accepted the offer to take care of the kindergarten, the environment around and the children here. In addition to taking care of my son, I also take care of children in a folklore ensemble in my spare time. After studying management in high school, I sought cooperation with amateur theatres and folklore ensembles. After moving to the Czech Republic, I came across a creative Ukrainian community, where I could dedicate myself to working with children and organizing dance and singing groups. I am glad that I can continue to realize myself in working with children and creating with them at “Blaženka”.
Mgr. Michaela Topinková (Nesměráková) supervisor montessori
I have always dreamed about being a teacher in the kindergarten and possibly open one kindergarten on my own. I can say my dreams come true and preschool pedagogy became my life mission. I worked as a nanny, tutor of interest groups, kindergarten teacher, kindergarten director and founder of my own kindergarten. During my university studies I encountered Maria Montessori pedagogy which completely won me over for its kindness and simplicity. I use its principles on daily bases to rise my son, work with parents, work with teacher´s teams and directors of kindergartens and children´s groups.
Children are the heroes of their stories


Your children are only a few formalities away from starting to attend our nursery. Please, print out the attached documents and send them to us. Meanwhile, we will prepare a welcoming surprise for your daughter/your son.

Come have a look!

You already have an idea of who we are and how it works but it would be for the best if you could come and have a look. The atmosphere in our nurseries needs to be experienced in person. Even the best virtual tour cannot replace personal contact.

We hope to see you soon…