Little Heroes Nursery | Prague 4

In a family environment full of Montessori aids and toys, we prepare little heroes for life in the big world. Our programme is bilingual, so children from the age of one, the period in which they are linguistically most receptive, can get to know a language that is different from their mother tongue.


Where you can find us

Na Podkovce 20
Praha 4, Podolí

Contact person

Ing. Ivana Varbanovová
608 639 950



How does it work?

The rhythm and daily routine of our nursery allows children to explore the world safely and freely.

Our schedule

08:00–09:45 Children’s arrival, daily activities, morning circle time
09:45–10:15 Hygiene, snack time
10:15–11:15 Time spent outside (in any weather condition)
11:30–12:00 Hygiene, lunch time
12:00–12:30 Pick-up time
12:30–13:30 Nap time
13:30–15:00 Hygiene, snack time, afternoon activities – Montessori activities, activities in English
15:00-17:00 Daily activities, afternoon pick-up time

Why should you choose our nursery?

  • We utilize Montessori pedagogy, where our guides support children in developing various skills and learning about the world.
  • Our facilities are in a brick villa with a garden, where we play in any weather condition.
  • We offer a Czech-English environment, in which we care about what we say and how we say it.
  • We prepare high-quality organic food.
  • Montesorri pedagogy

  • Villa with a garden

  • Czech-English environment

  • Respectful approach

They take care of your children

Ing. Ivana Varbanovová the headmistress
I was completely taken by the Montessori approach, so I decided to leave my original profession and devote my time to children, for whom we are creating environment full of stimuli. We honour the individuality of our little heroes and with their guides always staying close to them, we let their personalities to form. We naturally encourage them to communicate, cooperate, and be independent. As a mom of two, I know how important it is.
Renáta Longauerová nanny
Working with children is a part of our family tradition. Both my mom and my grandma were teachers and since I was a little girl, it enticed me to follow their steps. I worked in the UK as a nursery assistant and in schools for mentally disabled children and children with autism. I studied [linguistics] at Charles University [and later at University of Amsterdam] so I am very happy that I have a job where I can combine my love for kids and my love for languages.
Nela Sharaby nanny
My story is quite an unusual one. Originally, I studied design at ČVUT, but my next steps brought me to Israel, where I studied Hebrew and worked as an English speaking nanny focusing on arts and crafts in private nurseries in Tel Aviv. After I came back to Czechia, I knew I wanted to continue working with children. I love spending time with them and helping them develop their skills and creativity.
Eva Šámalová nanny
... working on
Kateřina Haubová nanny
... working on
Everybody can feel like a hero

Our premises


Your children are only a few formalities away from starting to attend our nursery. Please, print out the attached documents and send them to us. Meanwhile, we will prepare a welcoming surprise for your daughter/your son.

Come have a look!

You already have an idea of who we are and how it works but it would be for the best if you could come and have a look. The atmosphere in our nurseries needs to be experienced in person. Even the best virtual tour cannot replace personal contact.

We hope to see you soon…